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Lean Pharma: Tackling Compliance Obesity

Not to put too fine a point on it, Quality and Compliance are often completely out of control in PharmaLand.  No-one doubts the need for uncompromising quality and compliance. But the way that this is delivered in Pharma today is not just over-engineered and over-expensive, it’s become … Continue reading

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A Process Platform, Not A Process Tool

It’s true that ‘platform’ sounds like Marketing-speak.  But there’s an important distinction between a process tool and a process platform.  And it’s not widely appreciated, which is why so many organizations continue to waste so many millions of dollars on process tools that can never … Continue reading

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The Process SOP Blues

It seems very odd at first. Why should Life Sciences organizations be so resistant to a change that is so self-evidently valuable? Why push back on something that makes things better, faster and cheaper?  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are the basic building block of … Continue reading

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Integrated Compliance Cuts Operating Costs By 9%

I have a soft spot for the Irish. Maybe it’s the ease with which they combine charm, erudition and homely common sense. So it was a real pleasure to interview Dee Carri, founder of Torque Management, for a Nimbus podcast … Continue reading

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Cut Compliance Costs – And Manage Risk Better

Is it really possible to significantly reduce compliance costs and, at the same time, to manage risk more effectively? Yes, it is – says Dee Carri of Torque Management in her new column this month in BP Trends.  And she’s right. Dee … Continue reading

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