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Hello Checklists, Goodbye Process?

My little world wobbled as I read Atul Gawande’s bestseller The Checklist Manifesto. It seemed to challenge head-on my conviction that process matters most because it provides the language that enables effective collaboration amidst complexity. It’s superbly well written (Dr … Continue reading

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A Process Platform, Not A Process Tool

It’s true that ‘platform’ sounds like Marketing-speak.  But there’s an important distinction between a process tool and a process platform.  And it’s not widely appreciated, which is why so many organizations continue to waste so many millions of dollars on process tools that can never … Continue reading

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Selling Process Excellence

Great animation What Is Process Excellence? just published by the Process Excellence Network (PEX).  The story behind the video is interesting as well. It’s good because it de-mystifies process.  Too many people think that process is the domain of the IT crowd … Continue reading

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The Process SOP Blues

It seems very odd at first. Why should Life Sciences organizations be so resistant to a change that is so self-evidently valuable? Why push back on something that makes things better, faster and cheaper?  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are the basic building block of … Continue reading

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