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Why Process Improvement Projects Fail

Interesting times.  There’s an emerging consensus that Lean, Six Sigma and other process improvement programs are failing, and a myriad explanations why.  And yet – I just saw a(nother) Nimbus client video on a remarkable success in sustainable process excellence. … Continue reading

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Process Excellence in Pharma: And The Winner Is…

The Firm With The Process Platform! [Gasps, wild applause, cheers..] Harvey Weinstein is said to have transformed perceptions of a ‘quirky retro-wonder’ – and so won, against an outstanding field, a Best Picture for The Artist. But even the legendary … Continue reading

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Selling Process Excellence

Great animation What Is Process Excellence? just published by the Process Excellence Network (PEX).  The story behind the video is interesting as well. It’s good because it de-mystifies process.  Too many people think that process is the domain of the IT crowd … Continue reading

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