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Hello Checklists, Goodbye Process?

My little world wobbled as I read Atul Gawande’s bestseller The Checklist Manifesto. It seemed to challenge head-on my conviction that process matters most because it provides the language that enables effective collaboration amidst complexity. It’s superbly well written (Dr … Continue reading

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A Process Platform, Not A Process Tool

It’s true that ‘platform’ sounds like Marketing-speak.  But there’s an important distinction between a process tool and a process platform.  And it’s not widely appreciated, which is why so many organizations continue to waste so many millions of dollars on process tools that can never … Continue reading

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The Power of Process Visualization

My colleague Craig Willis has an interesting post out today on the power of process visualization in enabling collaboration. In process discovery especially, a well-run workshop forces the process actors to let go lazy intuition and really understand what’s happening: The act of … Continue reading

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Why Process Excellence Will Underpin Next Generation Pharma

Organizations across the planet are grappling with how to fundamentally re-invent themselves, and at an ever-increasing pace of change. But few industries face the challenges of Pharma, which may traditionally have been seen as conservative and slow-moving, but is set to undergo a rapid revolution … Continue reading

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